Wood furniture design takes many forms and one popular way is to use printed wood panels. As wood furniture design evolves and incorporates the latest designs, printed wood panel is fast become the top choice for homeowners due to its artistic qualities and durability.

Riding on new trend in furniture making, T-Prin constantly finds the best artists to design its printed wood panels, ensuring it keeps up with the most up-to-date designs.

Being always conscious of new trend in furniture is the reason why T-Prin is the preferred choice by furniture manufacturers and furniture designers. Our printing methods are revolutionary and we ensure that our wood panel base withstands the most demanding tests, making furniture manufacturers and furniture designers stand up and take note.


We have been told the reason why T-Prin fits into the most edgy home interior design is more than just because of its artwork. It is how we rethink wood panels. For instance, kitchen renovation used to be a matter of putting together a few boards.

T-Prin’s latest offering, the PrinBord Anti Cockroach+ changed this by adding new qualities to an old concept- such as a wood panel that also repels cockroaches and ants.

Many who have used PrinBord Anti Cockroach+ whether for kitchen renovation or cabinet making, knows that a wood panel can be more than just something to build furniture with. For a good home interior design does not just merely catches the eye; it makes life better.