"Beneath The Layers Of Our Wood Panels,

Lies The Heart Of Our Company"

Being the first is always impressive. As the first private company in South East Asia to use the most cutting-edge direct printing technology on wood-based panels, it’s certainly yet another testament to our commitment to excellence.

But being the first is not our aim. Being the best is. Which is why every single panel that reaches our customers has undergone the most stringent of manufacturing and operational standards.

Our broad range of printed panels, called PrinBord, began commercial production in 2001 using Italian technology. With the most progressive technology, coupled with a rigorous process and an unbending promise of quality, every piece of our panels is made from the same kind of passion that has propelled us to be the leading name in printed panels.

T-Prin was incorporated in the year 2000 as an associate company of Tjien Fuat Trading Sdn. Bhd. The name Tjien Fuat is no stranger to industry players. With 40 years of experience, Tjien Fuat has been trading and distributing wood panel mainly in the furniture and housing industry.

Today, our PrinBord has gained a reputation of quality and excellence and continues to make top of its class printed boards. Having a foot in 15 countries and counting, we are setting our eyes on making inroads in North America and Europe.

With a global presence and still expanding, what fuels us? Just look deep between the layers- therein lies the heart of our company.