"Left. Right. Up. Down. Front. Back

Perfection In Every Angle"

Inch by inch, layer-by-layer, angle-to-angle, each PrinBord panel is sheer perfection.

Would you expect anything less of a printed panel that’s printed with the most innovative engineering precision? Whether it is printed on medium density fiberboard, particleboard or plywood, whatever the thickness or width or length, whatever the colour and design, each piece is stunningly elegant and long lasting.


British Ash 420-021

Modi Ash 420-028

Raw Ash 420-037

Vintage Ash 420-074

Ash 421

Kiri Ash 423

Mellow Ash 427

China Ash 428

Select Ash 429

Bronze Ash 430

White Ash 420-058


Golden Beech 305

Traditional Beech 306

Queen Beech 308

Bavarian Beech 320-007

Universal Beech 321

European Beech 323

Light Beech 326

Steamed Beech 351


Cherry 303

Rose Cherry 313

Rich Cherry 317

Crown Cherry 319

Natural Cherry 331

Oxford Cherry 332


Bronze Fabrics 601

Italo Fabric 602

Clear Fabrics 603