Among the many reasons why PrinBord continues to be the preferred choice when it comes to decorative wood panels, some stand out more.


If price is your worry, PrinBord is more economically viable than veneer, melamine or polyester laminated boards. But don’t just compare prices. Compare quality too!

Environmentally Friendly

Do your part in protecting the earth. All coating materials used in PrinBord is recyclable and does not emit formaldehyde, one of the most common and widespread chemicals in the world.

Mix and Match

With our broad range of colours, gloss and design, the potential combinations are virtually limitless. Personalize it with your personal preference.


From kitchen to cupboards, from furniture to interior design, our wood panels are highly functional and cater to a broad range of uses.


From our PrinBord Anti Cockroach+ range, our wood panels repel cockroaches and ants by preventing them from resting on the wood panels. Own a cockroach and ant free home by building furniture (especially kitchen) with our PrinBord Anti Cockroach+ range.