"Tedious. Meticulous. Laborious.

That's how the best printed-panels are made"

Making the best printed-panels involve a lengthy process of coating and printing. Coat by coat and layer after layer, decorative wood-grain or solid colours are printed directly onto wood panels. The design and colour that you see on the surface of the wood panel are the result of water and UV based coating. This type of coating is the most user- friendly of all laminated types.

PrinBord's uses are vast. From drawers to shelves, from doors to desks- it is versatile and adaptable. It is a superior alternative to veneered, melamine or polyester laminated boards, and to an extent as a substitute of PVC or paper overlay panel.

With the final touches of a high performance coating, the surface comes close to resembling melamine-faced panels. That’s the type of quality you can expect from PrinBord. Sheet after sheet after sheet.


Decorative wood panel is a constant in some of the best furniture making and interior decoration. The best decorative wood panel have colours that stick and sparkle and have a superior finish. And that is what T-Prin is all about.

But a brilliant exterior is nothing without high quality interior wood panels. Interior wood panels form the inner part of the furniture or cabinet. Though it is often unseen, the interior has to be long lasting, durable and safe. That is why T-Prin takes so much pride in making interior wood panels that would impress even ourselves.


The real test of a good decorative wood panel is to look at the base panel. After all, a great looking outer layer is only as good as what is beneath it. At T-Prin, we use only the finest wood based panel such as medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard or plywood as its substrate. Plywood or MDF decoration boards have a wide range of uses, as it is aesthetic, yet its base panel is sturdy and reliable. Plywood or MDF decoration boards from T-Prin are used all around the world from kitchens to cabinets to wood furniture.